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Komos Añejo Cristalino

Komos Añejo Cristalino

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Komos combines the highest artistry in tequila-making with innovation inspired by Mediterranean winemaking techniques.

The Añejo Cristalino expression is aged for a minimum of one year in French oak white wine barrels before being dripped through activated charcoal to refine and remove impurities. It is finished with gentle aeration: the winemaking technique of tumbling the liquid to take on oxygen to create a rich mouthfeel. Crystal-clear and perfectly smooth, Komos is a stunning expression of what a cristalino tequila can be.


The iconic bottle is handmade vitrified porcelain and is meant to be upcycled to live on long after you have finished enjoying what lies within.


Komos is the highest-rated tequila collection ever, with the Añejo Cristalino expression scoring a 98 out of 100 from The Tasting Panel Magazine. Alongside their distillery partners, Komos is committed to sustainable practices in tequila-making, including repurposing waste from production into bricks given to the people of Tequila to build infrastructure and working with the same farming families for generations to grow their agaves.


“A stunning nose of sugared pineapple is surrounded by bright agave freshness and lime zest. The satin-coated liquid warms the palate. Lilac-scented lime and a wash of tangerine peel converge for a tart starkness. Mineral-driven and dry, the spirit’s gravitas is also palpable in its seamless finish.” — The Tasting Panel Magazine

ABV: 40.0%

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